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Dischem sells everything that does not give you an unfair advantage and they adhere to WADA (World Anti Doping Association) regulations. Dischem prides themselves in being a family store who adheres to all regulations! They do not only adhere to the laws of the county but they also adhere to the rules and regulations of WADA and the IOC (International Olympic Committee)

It’s not about the compounds being legal according to the laws of the country or not. Even legal supplements that’s banned by WADA and gives you an unfair advantage you won’t find in Dischem. The IOC and WADA has a list of banned substances that can not be used by professional athletes BECAUSE IT GIVES AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE! Many of these substances are legal by law and even these legal substances will not be sold by Dischem.
For gym junkies (not professional athletes) who do not get tested and WHO WANTS AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Dischem is not your answer. Rather buy from an independent and privately owned gym shop who stocks LEGAL substances that’s on the WADA list that professional athletes are not allowed to use. These substances obviously enhances your performance to the point of them being banned from being used in the Olympic Games.
Ciccone Pharma Supplements and TNT Mercury are not being sold in Dischem because the compounds used to manufacture them are not approved by WADA and the label disclaimer on all the Ciccone Pharma supplements has a big warning ⚠️ telling you that it’s not approved by WADA although every single ingredient is legal according to the laws of the country.
IN CONCLUSION – Professional athletes who get tested, children, woman and old people buy their supplements from Dischem. Grown men who wants to be big, strong and swole AF and don’t care about testing buys their supplements from Independent gym shops. If you claim to be a hardcore bodybuilder and you are buying from Dischem you probably train with gloves as well and use a cushion for your neck so that the bar does not hurt you when you squat.

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